Warranty Terms and Conditions

Modellini.com ensures full transparency and professionalism before and after the purchase of goods. Please spend a few minutes reading our guidelines and our warranty terms and conditions.
Delivery of Goods
Make sure you are at home on the days when the carrier shall deliver the goods (usually 5-6 working days from the date of your order). If for any reason (unexpected events, sudden departure, etc.) you are unable to be at home to receive the carrier, please let us know as soon as possible. In that way you can avoid unnecessary trips to the carrier and you will help us to improve our service.
For products to be shipped to Netherlands (Holland) you can choose between two methods of payment: Bank Transfer and PayPal. In both cases payment is made before sending your order. If this is your first time buying on Modellini.com and you want maximum security, we recommend you to use PayPal for payment because this method protects your purchase better by reimbursing 100% of the amount paid in case of fraud, undelivered goods, etc. To find out more about the Paypal protection program, visit: www.paypal.nl/nl
Guarantee of the Products
The good condition of the models is the most important thing for you. Modellini.com will either replace the product or give you a full refund in case of damage, loss or withdrawal. Please read our FAQ for more information .
Damaged Products
It is possible that the goods are damaged during transportation.
To proceed with the replacement of the goods, you must SIGN AS DAMAGED ITEM on the delivery note (for example, in case of damaged packages / opened packages / etc.). Only by doing so, can we proceed with the replacement of the goods. To learn more about how to return faulty or damaged goods, please read the paragraph referring to 'Warranty and Terms of Service' within the section 'Terms and Conditions of Sale'. Important: All parcels sent to Netherlands (Holland) are insured against theft and damage.
General Terms and Conditions of Sale
Introduction and Definitions
These conditions of sale are valid only for orders placed on the website www.modellini.com. For other cases which do not fall under these conditions of sale, please refer to the Italian laws and the users' common sense. Models & RC S.r.l., Via Maremmana Inferiore, 52, Tivoli -00019(RM) (VAT Reg: 11652591006) is called in these conditions of sale Modellini.com
Acceptance of Terms of Sale
The contract between Modellini.com and the customer is concluded when the order is accepted by Modellini.com (even partially) but the website reserves the right to contact the customer for confirmation of the order.
Obligations of the Buyer
The customer undertakes to ensure the conservation and / or printing of these general conditions of sale in order to meet the conditions provided by Articles 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree 185/99 - information for the consumer, written confirmation of the information given
Responsibility of Modellini.com
Modellini.com is not responsible for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the use or the inability to use products purchased from Modellini.com. Modellini.com is not responsible for any damages, losses or costs incurred as a result of non-performance of the contract by Modellini.com due to force majeure, such as accidents, strikes, floods and similar events which are not directly attributable to Modellini.com.
Modellini.com is not liable for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards, checks and other means of payment made by third parties at the time of payment. In fact, it is not possible for Modellini.com to know the number of the credit card or the account number given by the customer during the payment process.
Withdrawal from the Contract by Modellini.com
In the event of unavailability of a product which prevents Modellini.com from processing an order even temporarily, Modellini.com reserves the right to cancel the sale. The cancellation can be made within 30 days from the date of order and will be communicated to the customer in writing, according to article 6, subparagraph 2 of the Legislative Decree 185/99. In this case the customer shall only be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.
Cancellation of the Contract by Modellini.com
According to the Article 1456 cc, Modellini.com reserves the right to cancel the contract without any judicial decision in the event of default by the customer. By customer default it is meant: failure to perform any of the obligations in relation of these conditions as well as failure to pay. In such cases, Modellini.com reserves the right to sue for compensation for any damage suffered. Modellini.com will terminate the agreement by providing written notice. If a cancellation of the contract occurs, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.
Jurisdiction and Venue
Any dispute regarding the application, implementation, interpretation and violation of these agreements of sale, will be governed by the courts of Italy. The Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute between the parties relating to this contract of sale.
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Shipment and Delivery Shipments are made via express couriers such as UPS, Dhl, UPS or equivalent. Shipping charges are the same throughout Netherlands (Holland) and are not included in the price of the product. Shipping charges are additional charges which may vary (only in exceptional circumstances) depending on the size, weight and value of the product. Should the delivery cost be different from our standard shipping cost for your country, Modellini.comwill contact the customer for confirmation before dispatching the order.
An exact delivery date is not provided, as it depends on the handling time and the type of payment used. The estimated delivery time is that indicated during the compilation of the order or at the selection of each product. In any case, the order, the cost and time required will be confirmed by phone or email by our operators and, if a product is unavailable, you will be asked to confirm the order. Weekends and Bank Holidays or are not considered 'working days' and so they are not included in the delivery time.
How to Pay
Payment can be made in the following ways:
Bank Transfer in Advance,
par PayPal.
Warranty and Terms of Service
The warranty is usually provided by the manufacturer of the products sold. If Modellini.com is appealed and there is a need to intervene, Modellini.com will be more than happy to collaborate with the customer for the return of the product and the management of the warranty claims. In order to do so, the customer must fill in a Return Authorisation Request form, which will be provided to him/her. By filling the form, the customer will obtain an authorization number to return the product.
All items must be returned in new and unused condition and in original packaging. The customer must send the items complete with all components, including the parts that do not work properly. The customer must return the product at his/her own cost. The cost of delivery of the repaired or replaced goods will be paid by Modellini.com. If the returned goods are fully functional or the problem does not depend on a manufacturing defect, Modellini.com will return the same product to the customer at the his/her own expense. The conditions and regulations for the application of the warranty are specified by the manufacturer in the certificate attached to the product and only in the case of products which are guaranteed.
The warranty is not valid if:
  • the product is submitted for repair through a dealer that is not authorized;
  • the defect is the result of improper or careless use or maintenance;
  • the defect is the result of negligence, intentional damage, falls, tampering, transportation, extremes of temperature, humidity or abnormal strain;
  • the defect is the result of other causes which do not depend on the manufacturing process.
Promotional Codes
The promotional code is a sequence of alphanumeric characters, which Modellini.com uses to make refunds or to give discounts to their customers. With the promotional code, the client gets a discount on the merchandise during the order process. The promotional code can not be used for orders made by telephone. Each promotional code has its own conditions of use, which are communicated to the customer along with the code itself. The promotional code is personal and can be used only by the person who received it from Modellini.com. The promotional code can not be combined with other offers which may reduce the selling price. The promotional code can not be combined with other promotional codes.
Return Policy - Right to Return the Products
eturn goods, (ie. those acting for purposes related to their work or clearly tailored to personal needs). The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 working days from the day of receipt of the goods. The customer can exercise the right to withdraw from the contract by giving written notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Models & RC S.r.l., Via Maremmana Inferiore, 52 00019 Tivoli (RM) within 10 working days. Written notice can also be given by fax to the number 06.96708839, provided that it is confirmed within the next 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If the customer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, ALL items must be returned in new and unused condition and in original packaging. The items must be complete with all components, including the parts that do not work. In accordance with Article 5, III of the Legislative Decree 185/99, the customer will not be able to exercise his/her right of return of audio material (CDs, DVDs) and software in the event that they have been unsealed.
The refund will occur after the product has been inspected and in any case within 30 days of the day we have received your return. Modellini.com will refund the amount paid by the customer by bank transfer. The delivery cost will not be refunded.
Customers are asked to exercise the right of withdrawal only if conditions are met, so if it does not apply, the removal of the goods from Modellini.com will have to be arranged by the customer at his / her own risk and cost.
In case of damage during transportation of returned items, Modellini.com will inform the customer within 5 working days so that will allow him/her to take action against the transporter and receive a refund of the value of the property, if insured. In that case, the product will be put at the disposal of the customer for its return and the withdrawal request will be canceled.
Modellini.com does not accept responsibility for any damage, theft and loss of goods which are returned without insurance.